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The Finish Line

The Finish Line



Have you ever made it to the end of a thing?  Have you ever prepared for an event, trained for a race, poured your heart and soul into a moment, and then it was over?

The end of a thing can be a positive or negative experience.   It can cause you to feel a plethora of emotions.  The end can bring joy or pain, extreme relief or extreme sadness, a feeling of the highest high or the lowest low.  Sometimes the end of a thing does both.  You experience both ends of the emotional spectrum at the same time.  It really is quite amazing that such contradicting emotions, such extreme opposites, can be present within us at the exact same time.


 As you may have read in my last post, I recently ran a marathon!  Looking back it’s hard to believe I really did it, but I crossed the finish line, and I have a medal to prove it.  Now, it wasn’t a first place medal, but it says 26.2 just like the guy who finished first! :)

The whole experience was a bit surreal.  The training was grueling, but I learned a lot about myself.  The race was both exciting and exhausting, but I discovered that I have more in me than I realized.


The odd part was when it was all over, I felt a bit empty inside.  I felt like the “thing” that I had been focused on for so long was over, and I didn’t really know what to do with myself.  Spending hours running wasn’t on my “to do list,” and my goal was complete.  It was an odd feeling, a bit like having a relationship end.  I was in a relationship with running, but now we were broken up. :)

After race day was over and the high wore off, it wasn’t the physical act of running that I began to miss.  What I discovered was that I missed having a goal, feeling driven by a dream, getting inspired to accomplish what seemed impossible.

As 2013 was coming to an end, I realized that many of us had crossed multiple finish lines throughout the year.  Life asked us to trek across some pretty rough terrain, but we made it.

Now, it’s wonderful to bask in the glory of the success, but after some time has passed, we need to develop a new dream, a new goal, a new vision for the future.  The best part is that because of our recent finish line, we are able to develop better dreams, greater visions, more elaborate plans.  Our stage is widening, and the world is our platform.


The race has prepared you.  You are stronger now than you were before.  You’ve developed skills and strategies that you need for your next level and your next race.  Take some time to recover.  Then, get on up, because your NEW starting line is just around the corner!  Get excited, because the gun just went off.


(:  Happy 2014!  :)

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