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Dream With Me

Dream With Me


Have you stopped dreaming? 

When was the last time you sat down and really allowed yourself to dream BIG dreams … like the “almost impossible” kind?

 Has it been a while?  Can you even remember when the last time was that you sat with your eyes closed and imagined a different kind of future for you … your children … your family?

I know what you’re thinking …

“When in the world do I have TIME to sit and dream??”  

“The biggest dreams I’ve dreamt relate to getting a full night’s sleep or going to the bathroom by myself!”

I would agree that life takes over sometimes, and the opportunities we have to imagine and dream and feel inspired are often overtaken by laundry and bills and to do lists.

I think the trouble is that we see dreaming as a luxury.  We see it as something we COULD do if we had enough TIME!  However, the time never comes, and the dreams become buried under the reality of our reality.

Here is my thought on the matter, though…

 I think dreaming is our lifeline.


It’s our secret code that unlocks our destiny.  It’s the bobby pin that allows us access to a whole new world of possibility that we forgot existed!  Now, we remember being dreamers when we were children.  It was easy then.  All it took was a stick and a sheet, and maybe our best friend, and we were in a whole new realm!

Don’t let being “grown up” steal the dreamer in you. 

The best part is that the ultimate dreamer … God … is in you, too. 

He LOVES to dream with you.  Will you sit with Him long enough to let him show you the dreams He has for you?  Will you allow him to take over your imagination, and show you what HE sees?

Oh, if we only allowed him access.  If we allowed Him to open the curtains to see the Narnia that He designed specifically for us … it would take our breath away.


Let Him take your breath away today.

Let Him show you the dreams He has for you.

It will blow your mind!

It’s more than you could imagine all by yourself.

It’s more than “average” and “regular” and “ordinary.”

As I’ve spent time with Him lately, I’ve come to realize that He has much bigger plans for me and my life than I do.  When he shows me His ideas, my reaction is …

“Are you sure, God?

Do you really mean it?

Is that possible … for me?”

His response is “Yes … Yes … and Yes.”

 Let Him show you today.  It might cause you to feel a little bit of fear or skepticism … but it’s real.

It’s possible.  Believe it.

Dream Big!

With Love,

Jeanna :)


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  1. Hi Jeanna,
    Great post, Dreaming Big is so important. I see you have used one of my Beach inspiration images. Could you please provide a link back to
    thank you. BTW love what you are doing
    Suzie xx

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