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The Realm of the Ridiculous


That is ridiculous!

That just sounds crazy.

This doesn’t make any sense!

Now, that is just silly.

Have you ever uttered any or all of these sentiments?

I’m sure, at some point in your life, you’ve said those words … or something pretty close.  There are a variety of situations that elicit the responses above.  Your child makes a decision that you feel is beyond reason, like jumping off of something much too tall, eating something inedible, putting objects in orifices on his or her body that are meant to be “exits” and not “entrances.”  

Yes, children do things that draw out those sentiments,

but let’s be honest, adults do too.

And, if we are even more honest, we will recognize that God does as well.  

Does He do things that are irresponsible and foolish?  No.

Does He do things that are thoughtless and unwise, unloving or unkind?  No.

However, sometimes the things God does in our life, or shows us in our spirit, do not line up with our reasoning, our rationalizing, or our reality.

Sometimes, the things God is doing, or has done, confound us.

Sometimes, the visions and dreams God shares with us regarding our own lives perturb, bewilder, and perplex us.

Maybe you are like me, and you’ve asked God about what He has planned for your future.  If you haven’t done so, I would challenge you to take the time to sit with Him and ask the question.  What He shares with you will change your life.  I assure you.

When he does share glimpses of your future, and when He gives you hints and ideas about what is possible, those four statements I shared above are often the most common responses.

Lord, there’s no way that could happen!

God, how could this be?  It seems so big, so overwhelming, so great.

Actually, it seems too big, too overwhelming, and too great.

Are you sure you have the right person?  

Are you sure it’s me you want?

I am not ready.  I am not capable.  

I am not prepared or qualified or equipped!

And then … He will stop you right there.  When the questions and doubts come like a flood, that’s when he will stop you.  

That is when he will say, “Peace.  Be still.”

Once you stop … once you get off the hamster wheel of confusion and questions,

He will speak:

“Yes, love, I am talking to you.  I am not a God or a Father who is confused.  I am not at the wrong address, on the wrong street, or in the wrong place.  It’s you I am speaking to, and it’s you I’ve chosen for this specific assignment.

Stop doubting.  Stop questioning.  Stop giving me all of the reasons you can’t or shouldn’t or won’t.  

Fear is the root of all of those questions.  

Fear is the foundation for all of your doubt.  

And that is not where I have called you to dwell.

So, yes love, I meant what I said.  I have hand picked you.  I have chosen you.  Out of the millions and billions of people, past, present, and future, I have chosen you for this.  

Receive it.  Believe it.  And believe me.  I know what I am doing. I created the heavens and earth after all, right?  I formed you in your mother’s womb, right?  I called you by name and drew you out of the crowd for this time, this season, this purpose.

Yes, it may sound ridiculous to you, but my ways are not your ways.  My thoughts are not your thoughts.  They are much higher.  They are much deeper, and wider, and longer!

This is where faith comes in.  This is where trust is established.  In this place of uncertainty where you feel completely inadequate, unprepared, unqualified … this is where I fill you and I work through you.

Let’s do this together.  Step by step.  Day by day.  It’s you and me, love.  It’s you and me, and I never fail.  My Holy Spirit is in you; therefore, all things are possible because you believe in me.”

So, today, I want to challenge you (and myself) to remember that we may feel as if we are dwelling in the realm of the ridiculous.  However, it seems ridiculous only if we view His plans with our natural eyes and natural mind.

Let’s rise above our natural senses and believe Him.  Those around us may see us as crazy or silly, odd or “off our rocker.”  But He sees us as faith-filled, ready and waiting for what He has planned next, and I know it brings Him great joy and will make a great impact on the world.

With love,

Jeanna :)