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Prayer for Our Nation #6

Prayer #6:  Prayer for the Lost


Lord, many of these prayers were meant to stir up the faith of the believers in this nation and remind them that our nation needs their intercession.  However, today’s prayer is specifically for those who don’t know you as their savior — those who have not received the FREE GIFT of everlasting life that was wrapped in love through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We pray today for those who have never heard of you, those who’ve heard but rejected you, and for those who were once close to you, but have chosen to walk away.  We ask that you wrap your loving arms around them, revealing who you are.  Help them to know they are yours.  Allow them to hear the Gospel today — the Good News of your son Jesus dying to save them from sin to give them life everlasting and Kingdom purpose.  Allow your children to hear it in words, actions, events in their life, experiences with you, and in any other way that causes the message to penetrate deep into their hearts.

Your heart longs for the lost — it grieves for the lost.  

2 Peter 3:9 says that it is your will that NONE should perish, but that everyone come to repentance.  Jesus came to SEEK and SAVE the lost.  

If it was Jesus’ mission, it’s our mission.

In Luke 15, you gave us a clear picture of how significant it is for the lost to be found.  The shepherd left the 99 to find the lost 1, the woman searched high and low in every nook and nesting place to find her lost coin, and the prodigal son’s father waited patiently for him to arrive back home, welcoming him with open arms, an open heart, and so much more.  Every lost one is significant to you.  Help us to feel the longing for the lost that you feel.  Help us to go to the unpleasant places and uncomfortable spaces to bring them home.  Forgive us for our lack of urgency in this area.  

So, today Lord, we ask you to use us in the lives of your children who are lost to show them your love, reveal to them the free gift of salvation that you’ve already purchased, and celebrate with them as they become a part of the family of God.  Heaven is celebrating — like wild, crazy, loud celebrations over ever single person who’s saying yes to you.  Let us join with the angels in Heaven as we praise you for your goodness and your unending love.

In Jesus’ Name,


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