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Dear Mom: It’s Been a Year

mom-48958_1280Dear Mom,

It has been a year.  It has certainly been a year.

It’s been a year since I heard you voice.  It’s been a year since I saw your face.  It’s been a year since I hugged you, and laughed with you, and got to hold your hand.  

It’s been a year filled with emotions … both happy and sad, angry and appreciative, joyful and sorrowful.  I miss you.  I miss you in ways I didn’t know I could miss someone.  I miss you for reasons I can’t even put into words.

You were the best.  Your love and your heart are what I miss most.  Your smile and your voice are what I miss most.  Your hugs and your wisdom are what I miss the most.  Simply having you near me, and knowing you were near, is what I miss the most.

Our memories together are my greatest treasures.  Thank you for creating them with me.  Thank you for living a life that was full of amazing moments.  Those moments are what I stir up in my mind and heart when I need you and want you back.  Those special times that were just you and me, and us … those are the most beautiful things you left behind.  

Your life is still making a difference.  I want you to know that, even though you hopefully already know that.  Your words and your wisdom are still here.  Your love and your faith are still here … even though you are gone.  

But here’s the thing … you are not really gone.  You’ve just shifted.  You’ve shifted into the most glorious existence … THE existence we will one day experience when we are reunited in Heaven.  God has given us the greatest gift … His love, and life everlasting in His presence.  There is nothing greater.

As I sit here and wish you were sitting right next to me, so I could rest my head on your shoulder, and tell you I love you, I know that deep down … really deep down … I want you to be exactly where you are.  You are with our ever-loving Father.

For you, it’s been a year of worship and praise, dancing and singing, joy and complete peace.  It has been a year of being completely healed and whole and set free.  For you, it has been a year of experiencing God’s presence like we will never know here on Earth.  Of that, I am a little envious.  :)

So, on this one year anniversary of your entrance into Heaven, I want you to know that I still love you more than ever, miss you more than ever, and am so thankful I will see you again someday.  We can worship together, and it will be magnificent.

Thank you for still being here with me, though.  I feel your presence in so many wonderful ways.  The butterflies and the birds, the sunsets and the seasons … they are all reminders of how blessed I am to be your daughter.  I still hear your heartfelt words about love and life and faith, and for that I am grateful.

It has been a year … one of the toughest, but I thank God for healing my heart, day by day.  It’s not an easy journey, and it is not a quick one, either.  It’s a lifelong process of seeking Him … our Comforter.

So, Mom, know that I love you more than words can express, and I pray God allows us to have more beautiful moments together this year.  You are so precious to me.  

I’ll love you forever, like you for always,

Your Daughter



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Prayer for Our Nation #2

Prayer #2:  Prayer for Love

flag-whandsDear God,

We lift our nation up to you right now, and we ask that you help us to love.  Love was your mission, first and foremost.  John 3:16 begins by saying “God SO LOVED the world that he sent His only son, so that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

Help us Lord to be better lovers … lovers of You and lovers of one another.  Help us to see one another the way you see us.   As your children, you see us clothed in righteousness.  Our sin has been cast as far as the east is from the west.  Help us to see each person we encounter on a daily basis, whether through personal interaction or through the media, as YOUR child.  Give us YOUR eyes to see every person as a beautiful child of God, for whom you loved enough to die and take away the sin that separated us from you.

We thank you that you are a God who loves us more than we can even fathom.  Help us to be FILLED with YOUR love, SO MUCH that we can’t help but OVERFLOW into the lives of those around us.  We cannot give what we do not have.  Help us to be filled with more of you … and as we do, Your love will flow through us in greater measure, allowing the world to see greater glimpses of you every single day.  

In Jesus’ name we pray,


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Refill Please!!

Refill Please!


 Do you feel like you’re running on empty?

Are you completely drained at the end of most days?

Maybe you even feel drained as you START your day!  If that’s the case, you have your WARNING sign! :)

We’ve heard it before, but let’s consider this analogy…

Your life is a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, a can of your favorite beverage.  You enjoy those moments when you get to take a sip or sometimes gulp after gulp.  Every once in a while, you even share your favorite beverage with others.

After time has passed, your cup is empty, your glass is wineless, and you’ve reached the bottom of the can.  What do you do at that point?


Well, if you are at a restaurant, you ask for a refill!  If you are at home, you walk to the kitchen counter or refrigerator and pour yourself another glass!

What do we do in life when that happens?  

Are we as quick to realize when we are empty?  Do we have the wherewithal to recognize our depleted state as readily as when we see the bottom of the coffee mug?

“Yes, I need a refill.”  

Those words slip fluidly off our tongue when the server at the restaurant asks if there’s anything we need.  No hesitation.  No guilt.  We are not worried about what others think of our request.  We don’t analyze our need and feel “less than” for asking.

You’re on empty today.  Your cup is dry.

For you, it may have been dry for quite some time now.

The truth is, you CANNOT pour out if you’re on empty.

That is a fact!  Just ask anyone who has found themselves on the side of the road trying to catch a ride to the gas station.  It’s NOT a pleasant experience!  They KNOW there’s no way to operate when they’ve reached “E.”

Your family needs you to be filled.  Your friends and others around you need you to be full.  Why? Because you have amazing things to share with them.  Your ability to love, and give, and share life with others is completely dependant on your tank.  If it’s filled, you can pour out without any trouble at all.

However, when you need to give encouraging words or when someone around you needs prayer or help with their struggles, it’s MUCH easier when you have something to give!


“You’re right.  I’m on empty.” you say.  “How do I fix it?”

You do what everyone does when they recognize their emptiness.

You ask for a refill. :)

Who are you asking, though?

You’re asking the ONLY one who can actually fill you.  You’re seeking the One who knows exactly how much fuel you need for EVERY day you’re here on this earth.

Your dad.  Your father.  Your source.

He desperately wants to fill you up.  He has seen you trying to pour out for SO LONG, and has been trying to get your attention!  He has seen you struggling to love those who need to be loved and care for those around you.  Your spouse, your children, your friends …

You give, and give, and give, but you forget the most KEY ELEMENT in the whole process!  


Here’s the secret.  It’s a DAILY need.  

You need Him to fill you DAILY!

Otherwise, you will find yourself back on the couch at night or lying in bed feeling as if the world has sucked every ounce of energy out of you … again.   Don’t live like that!

He wants you to live life to the FULLEST!  

That’s the key word!  FULL!  

There’s no way to live life to the fullest if you’re empty.  It’s a contradiction of terms.  It’s an oxymoron.

Don’t live an “oxymoron” life. :)  

He has a FULL life planned for you if you allow him to be your “filler.”  So, the remedy … sit with him each day.  Whether you are a morning person or a night owl, find the time of day when you hear Him best.  Discover the moments where you can physically feel him pouring life back into you.  He wants to do it.  You NEED Him to do it.  Let Him wrap His loving arms around you and fill you.

Believe me.  Your family members, friends, co workers … those you meet on the street or those you run into at the grocery store … they’ll notice.  You’ll notice.  There’s a HUGE difference between EMPTY and FULL.

Let Him fill you up today.

With Love,

Jeanna :)